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Welcome to this course on Charting Fundamentals (Visualize) with V-ONE.

This course will help you to develop an understanding of knowing how to use V-ONE for creating charts available in the Charting Fundamentals. As you may have realized, this V-ONE Charting Fundamentals course is part of the Digital Transformation with V-ONE Specialization. As such, we warmly hope for your patience as we shall add more useful courses and sharing in our upcoming courses in this specialization. By completing each course in the specialization you will receive from ViTrox a soft copy certificate signed and email to you, a unique opportunity to showcase your practical knowledge in your social media.
We hope you enjoy this course and that it will help you take your digital transformation to new heights!

Welcome to this course on E-Ticketing (Visualize) with V-ONE.

E-Ticketing feature allows operations personnel to manage assigned work orders and maintenance activities. All the tickets raised can be tracked and visualized in a digital dynamic dashboard. 
At the end of this course, you will be able to familiarize yourself with V-ONE E-Ticketing feature, how to create and customize ticket that suit your business process flow needs, familiar with various functions when creating E-Ticket templates as well as understand the mechanism of E-Ticketing features. 

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Alert feature allows users to configure automatic notification or triggering mechanism when an event has occurred. Users can view previous alert, manage alert plan and configure various alert plans according to different scenarios.
It’s useful when users wish to automate the task and create a proactive action. With V-ONE Alert Plan, your dashboard will trigger you or trigger an automated action whenever there is an anomaly in your processes that exceeds your preset thresholds.

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How to get my system Connected? The most crucial sources of shared knowledge from the ecosystem partners explains the underlying processes, protocols and methods used to get connected to generate data streaming necessary to make visualization, proactive action and industrial digital twin possible.
In this course you will learn from our ecosystem partners’ experienced engineers using various methods to get the required machines and IoT devices connected into a live data stream.